Level 3 Client Provides:

  1. Clients are asked to provide any graphic element/logo that they would like used in the header (no less that 200px constraining proportion, no greater than 1200 px constraining proportion.)

  2. Client must complete DESIGN QUESTIONAIRE selecting their style, palette and font package

  3. Client must submit a NAVIGATION PLAN defining the links and pages they would like included in their site.

  4. Client must complete a CONTENT PLAN that includes all text, and lists the image file(s) to be used on each page.

  5. Client must supply all images (no less than 600 constraining proportion, no greater than 1200px constraining proportions).  They must be organized by page and formatted for web use, including web-friendly file names (no spaces, using only letters, numbers, underscores and dashes)

  6. Client must supply Site Title, two or three complete sentences using keyword phrases for the Description Metatag and and keywords and keyword phrases for developing Page Titles.