Who we are

NMeX is a new model in media production that serves as a powerful bridge.

We connect seasoned media production professionals and creative media apprentices to help both meet their goals. Our mission is to create a collaborative environment that will bring together newly trained and highly motivated apprentices who are seeking direction and real work experience with seasoned professionals who can offer the structured learning environment.

How we work

Each project is lead by experienced project managers, technical educators and seasoned producers.

Not only do they bring their years of experience to bear leading your project no matter the size, but they bring an added value to the mix. The mentors assigned to each media project are committed to leading each intern to a cutting edge and successful outcome. Our interns are carefully selected based on a range of criteria. First and formost, each individual is selected based on having shown  independent initiative as a creative and technically proficient producer on their own. 

Why we matter

By employing and empowering young media interns we have learned from experience that everyone benefits.

Our affiliate mentors invest their time and professional resources not only to assure that the apprentice producers are moving forward with their skill training, but they are also highly invested in the successful outcome of each project. Our innovative alliance system is designed to not only create a powerful method of trading costs and contributions by every participating affiliate but also the efforts invested by each of the interns.