Image Coaching

Honing in on your message is key and becoming comfortable sharing it with your audience should be your top priority.

Although your logo is the first spark that starts building trust, when a customers is introduced to your brand everything you do is an extension of your branded image. The expression on your face when you greet a client and your disposition when you address a problem are just as important. And if you have done your job right, these are all working together and in-sync to reinforce a positive long term alliance between you and your clients. We want to help you make sure that every impression you make makes them feel welcome, appreciated and a valuable part of your long term success.

Expanded access to video distribution and digital PR outlets has created a need for on-camera training for those who want to share a personalized yet professional message.

We offer a variety of customized training and production guidance for our clients looking to expand their in-house production capabilities.  We help you put your best foot forward whether you're using your own accessible digital video tools or are on set in a professional production environment.

  • On-camera coaching
  • Teleprompter training
  • Live presentation preparation, production and presentation 
  • Online interactive presentations