Product Packaging

Let us help you set your goals and develop an integrated marketing strategy to make them happen.

A sound plan and rich content for your online presence is key.   No matter how slick the production or high-tech the delivery method, if the content does not connect with the target audience, all the bells and whistles are just making noise.  Our team of creative minds and technical experts are experienced at taking an existing brand to new heights or creating a new brand that stands head and shoulders above the crowd. We understand that your clients have only 24 hours a day, so we make it our business to help you present your message in way that reaches them fast, with passion and impact to achieve the desired outcome for both you and your clients. 

Branding Strategies

A strong brand is the key to the success of any venture but that should consist of more than a distinctive corporate logo and catchy slogan.

Assuring every image and message you share work together to achieve a high impact, positive and lasting impression takes talent and technique. Let our team help you make your mark and grab your market share. Branding is not just about getting your target market to recognize you and choose you over the competition.  It is important that your prospects see you as a trusted ally and problem solver who's on their team for the long haul.  Let us help you make that happen.

We are here to help boost your brand and a powerful, uncomplicated and well designed logo is just the first step.

When you think of  a company or brand, you do instantly identify that brand with a logo image. Your logo is what makes you stand out, and helps customers identify your products. But your connection to your brand is so much more. The best and most rewarding branding begins with a clearly designed and planned media image that inspires “trust ” and invites your prospects to become a member of an elite circle of long-term allies who are on a united mission to meet their needs and rise to their expectations.

Image Coaching

Honing in on your message is key and becoming comfortable sharing it with your audience should be your top priority.

Although your logo is the first spark that starts building trust, when a customers is introduced to your brand everything you do is an extension of your branded image. The expression on your face when you greet a client and your disposition when you address a problem are just as important. And if you have done your job right, these are all working together and in-sync to reinforce a positive long term alliance between you and your clients. We want to help you make sure that every impression you make makes them feel welcome, appreciated and a valuable part of your long term success.

Expanded access to video distribution and digital PR outlets has created a need for on-camera training for those who want to share a personalized yet professional message.

We offer a variety of customized training and production guidance for our clients looking to expand their in-house production capabilities.  We help you put your best foot forward whether you're using your own accessible digital video tools or are on set in a professional production environment.

  • On-camera coaching
  • Teleprompter training
  • Live presentation preparation, production and presentation 
  • Online interactive presentations

PR / Media Campaigns

Effective PR and media marketing helps every venture establish and sustain a positive and consistent branded image.

  • There are a lot of creative and tech savvy people who build websites, produce videos. But do they really understand the key branding priorities and goals your business? 
  • Are they skilled at developing an integrated marketing model that capitalizes on all the media platforms and distribution conduits available to you?
  • Do they help you think critically to develop effective strategies that are vital to your success? 

Whether you are in business, art, education or a community organization, we work with you to identify challenges based on your current market, assets and operational capacity. 

Let us help you develop a well researched and seamless product launch.

A well written press release or social media campaign is a critical tool in making a solid first impression, however often the importance is discounted. Misrepresentations and misunderstandings can create problems that cannot be overcome when you are making a first impression, so let us help you take the time to develop a branding mission and message that get's the right kind of attention and sustains a solid positive image through effective on-going press strategies and media campaigns no matter the platform.